The New York State Divers Association is a not for profit association of groups and individuals whose purpose is to promote diving and dive safety. The New York State Divers Association has represented the interests of organized diving in New York State since 1961. The New York State Divers Association provides information to national, state, and local legislative and regulatory bodies to represent divers’ interests. The New York State Divers Association ( NYSDA ) along with the Long Island Divers Association (LLDA  ) and the NJ Council of Dive Clubs ( NJCDC ) are North East Council members of the Under Water Society of America ( UWSOA ) Representing diving interest in the North East and beyond. The New York State Divers Association has no paid staff.  It is run by volunteers whose purpose is education, conservation, safety, and promotion of recreational Free and SCUBA diving and water sports overall. The New York State Divers Association does not sell dive gear, arrange dive charters or run a diving service. We are not a certifying agency, travel agent or retailer. NYSDA has no interest in competing with local dive shops or any other commercial group.  The New York State Divers Association only interest is to help divers to dive. NYDSA along with its individual and dive clubs members does have dive shops that are members and welcomes all individuals and group who are interested in promoting diving to become a member. Dive shops that join NYSDA can have their shop listed in the DIVE SHOP GUIDE of our news letter the DIVER’S DIGEST. They may also place advertisements in this publication. The New York State Divers Association maintains current information on diving clubs, diving sites, diving films, diving competitions, diving instruction, and other diving activities. When providing information about an area, NYSDA may include information about dive sites, lodging, camping, air station, dive shops and other useful information. The New York State Divers Association provides such information as a service only and in no way indorses any location, product, service, or business.  We try to be as through as possible when providing information so individuals can find locations and service that fit their needs. It is up to the individual to decide if the information we provide is suitable for their needs. Events sponsored The New York State Divers Association are to a location in New York State that will allow divers and non-divers to get together. At these events NYSDA may hold business meetings, organize Banquets or invite speakers. It may provide information about the area, including location of marinas, dive shops, and dive sites. NYSDA does not schedule dives or make diving arrangements. Any and all diving arrangements are made by individual participants. It is completely up to an individual who they dive with, where they dive, when they dive and if they even choose to dive while at a NYSDA event.
Maybe a  better question is not what is NYSDA but WHO is NYSDA .
NYSDA  IS  YOU and divers like you who want to dive and are looking for places to dive and people to dive with. Become a NYSDA member today and start enjoying some of the best fresh water diving anywhere in the world (many of our members also love to dive in salt water). Don’t be left at home. Join or renew your membership today and bring a friend with you.